Key Research Net

Market Research and Consulting Services

Upon request of foreign firms or groups who wish to export their products to Japan, KNR conducts a survey of the Japanese market on particular products and assists such clients in exporting their product.

Based on the findings of the survey on such products, our report includes Market Overview, Import Systems, Related Regulations, Distribution, Commercial Practices, and Advice on Approaching the Japanese Market.

1. Description of the survey report Market overview

Vietnam foods mission's discussion
with Japanese client

We survey the latest trends in the Japanese market of the target product. In conducting surveys, we give priorities to interviews or hearings from industry participants to obtain first-hand information, thus making the report useful and effective for the clients.

Import Systems and Related Regulations
We survey the details of laws, regulations, quality standards, and labeling requirements, etc., which exporters of such products would be required to consider when they export their products to Japan and distribute there.
We describe the distribution channel for domestic products and imported ones, and also survey the prices both at wholesaler and retailer levels. We also survey particular or unique distribution systems and competing products.
Commercial Practices
We survey practices prevailing in the distribution process of the product. If there are any practices particular to the product, which should be observed by exporters to Japan, we describe such practices in the report.

2. Advice on accessing to the Japanese Market

Based on the findings of the survey, especially about the recent market trends in demand for the subject product, we advise clients in specific terms about how to enter the Japanese Market.

Certification of Organic Products

Organic farm in Thailand
We represent in Japan Kiwa BCS Oeko-Garantie GmbH, German organic certification body.
Kiwa BCS Öko-Garantie GmbH is undertaking certification works of organic agricultural products, organic processed foods, organic livestock products and feeds, and is accredited by the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries as Registered Foreign Certification Organization.
The operators certified by Kiwa BCS are able to affix Organic JAS label to the products and export to Japan.